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Updated: Jan 29

These are some basic game rules to start your DRM journey.

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In DRM, you battle your opponent’s crypto Rugger cards. If your opponent’s avatar has no HP left, you have successfully “rug’d” them and you win! In addition, if no cards are left to draw at the beginning of your opponent’s turn, you win the game!

Rules will be revealed in an ongoing manner through these updates. Because we want to play-test as we develop, it would not be beneficial to complete and solidify a rule set until we have almost all 150 cards done.


Many cards have attacks or abilities associated with them that require “tokens” to use. There are two types of tokens in the game, Ethereum and Bitcoin. ETH cards are part of your deck and when you spend ETH, you discard those cards. Some cards will have Bitcoin on them. These are are “instants” or “passives” and require no additional cards to be in your deck as the bitcoin needed is included with the card. If the card is an instant, the card is discarded after use. In the case of support cards, you can choose to play the card on the field or cast it as an instant. Once the card is played on the field, you can no longer use it as an instant. Passive cards must be in-play for them to take effect.


Many cards in DRM have a dual-purpose. Avatars are probably the most collectible cards in the game. And its because avatars can do two things, 1) they can represent you in the game ; or 2) they can be played on the field. You cannot do both. You can either use the avatar as your source for HP “or” you can play them in a deck as a card. You are also limited to 4 avatars per deck and you cannot have duplicates of avatars in your deck. This is one of the features that makes deck building a truly unique experience in DRM.


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