What is DRM?

DRM is a collectible card game set in a futuristic cryptocurrency world. The game cards are minted as NFTs (or Non-Fungible Tokens) and become permanent collectibles that survive on a blockchain forever. The first set of DRM cards will include 150 unique designs.

How can I join the team?

We are looking for a virtual associate producer. Someone willing to take on some laborious Excel sheet and game design tasks while managing game content and other day to day operational things. If interested, please send a formal CV to degenstudio@unstopple.email

When will the game be complete?

Game will be completed in Q1 2021. The second set will then begin production immediately.

When will the online version be complete?

The online version of the game is currently set for Q4 2021.

When will your Kickstarter start?

We will begin the Kickstarter campaign in Q1 2021.

Did you really create the Pokemon TCG Online?

Yes, our chief technical advisor, Joey MacArthur created and developed The Pokemon TCG Online as well as many other notable games from franchises such as Star Wars and Sierra Online.