In our world, Ruggers are always trying to destroy you... 

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About DRM

DRM is a collectible card game created by the former producer of the The Pokemon TCG Online.  In this game, you are tasked with trying to "pull-the-rug" out from your opponents before they do the same to you. 


The main characters in  the game are Ruggers.  Ruggers are crypto-based characters that you build your decks around and with.  Ruggers are trying to survive the Crypto Wars - a post apocalyptic time in the future when banks have all but become extinct and cryptocurrencies have turned into warring factions - each trying to establish their territories over humanity. 

Each new project (deck) is granted a start by The Collective - a control group left over from the Dawn of Crypto.  The Collective is made up of various factions including Uniswap, Balancer, Rarible, OpenSea and others.   Each Rugger is aligned with a faction and acts as a mercenary for your new venture.  Should you win, you and your project may one day become part of The Collective.  Should you lose, you shame your family and go back to trading goats.


Card List & Updates


Game Rules

Teaser Video*

*physical game release Q1 2021, online game release Q4 2021


The best way to collect DRM NFT Cards, is to obtain a membership.  A membership requires that you hold $FUD tokens along with The Potato card.  

How Do I Get $FUD?

$FUD is a blockchain Ethereum (ERC20) token that you can find on the world's most famous DEX's:

How Do I Get A Potato?

You can buy cards directly through the links below by scrolling down.

What Is A Blockchain?

If you don't understand cryptocurrencies, a physical version of the game will be available through Kickstarter Q1 2021.  Stay tuned.

For more information regarding memberships, please go to our token website located here.

The fist set will include 150 cards.  We plan on making cards and sets continuously.  Once the first set is done, we will start our second set.

Where To Buy Cards

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