In our world, Ruggers are always trying to destroy you... 

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About DRM*

DRM is a collectible card game that resides as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.  In this game, you are tasked with trying to "pull-the-rug" out from your opponents before they do the same to you. 


The main characters in  the game are Ruggers.  Ruggers are crypto-based characters that you build your decks around and with.  Ruggers are trying to survive the Crypto Wars - a post apocalyptic time in the future when banks have all but become extinct and cryptocurrencies have turned into warring factions - each trying to establish their territories over humanity. 

Each new project (deck) is granted a start by The Collective - a control group left over from the Dawn of Crypto.  The Collective is made up of various factions including Uniswap, Balancer, Rarible, OpenSea and others.   Each Rugger is aligned with a faction and acts as a mercenary for your new venture.  Should you win, you and your project may one day become part of The Collective.  Should you lose, you shame your family and go back to trading goats.


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The First Set is Due 2021

*Important Notes

$FUD Tokens are not financial instruments, they are not securities and they hold no investor value.  They are utility tokens and are part of an experiment. You hold tokens at your own risk and as an experiment, we hold the right to change details on its utility function to further our experiment at any time and without notice.

This project had no pre-sale, we have no investors and have received no investment. 

Who Is Paul Fud?

Paul is an unpaid advisor.  As of this writing, Paul's role has been changed to Art Advisor and is no longer a Technical Advisor on the project.

Wait, Then Why Does He Do It?

If this project is successful, the team has agreed to help launch and fund a Paul Fud solo project in the future.

What Is A Blockchain?

If you don't understand cryptocurrencies, please do a Google Search to learn more.  It is too complicated to write on this page.  However, as is posted in numerous places, this project is an experiment and that's important to note.

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